Chinese Movies Online – LTL’s Top 10 Chinese Streaming Sites

Watch Chinese Movies Online – LTL’s Ultimate List of Chinese Streaming Sites 

Chinese Netflix

Looking for the very best places to watch Chinese movies online?

Don’t worry, we got you.

We’ve put together the ultimate list of sites for watching Chinese movies online and Chinese TV shows online.

Whether you’re looking to practice your Mandarin or simply to indulge in some Chinese entertainment, the following websites will give you everything you’re looking for.

#1 YouTube Chinese Movies

#2 Netflix Chinese Movies

#3 Baidu Chinese Movies

#4 Youku Chinese TV Shows

#5 BiliBili Chinese Youtube

#6 CCTV Chinese Movies

#7 Tudou Free Chinese TV Shows

#8 Iqiyi Free Chinese Movies

#9 MGTV Chinese Streaming

#10 ACfun Chinese Videos

Let’s start with the most obvious.

#1 YouTube Chinese Movies


If it wasn’t your first choice for Chinese movies online, it certainly should be!

You’ll find no shortage of Chinese Movies on YouTube, it has everything ranging from classic films to contemporary blockbusters, and you can find both subtitled and dubbed versions.

There is now also a Google chrome extension called Language Learning with YouTube that allows you to view two set of subtitles making it even easier to watch Chinese content on YouTube!

Pros of YouTube Chinese movies:

  • Huge amount of options available!

Cons of Youtube Chinese movies:

  • Some Chinese movies on YouTube may have low-quality video or audio, especially if they are older or have been uploaded by individuals
  • Some Chinese movies may be blocked in certain countries due to licensing agreements, so you may need to use a VPN to access them.
Harry Potter in Chinese 🧙🏻‍♂️ How to Talk About Your Favourite Wizard Thumbnail

Harry Potter in Chinese 🧙🏻‍♂️ How to Talk About Your Favourite Wizard

Why not learn how to talk about Harry Potter in Chinese? Give yourself a head start with our extensive guide.

#2 Netflix Chinese Movies

A somewhat obvious choice – but one that’s definitely worth exploring! Netflix offers a huge range of Chinese movies and TV shows, including both Cantonese and Mandarin language!


To find Chinese movies on Netflix, you can search for them using the search bar or browse through the “International Movies” or “Asian Movies” categories.

Some hugely popular Chinese movies currently available on Netflix include “Ip Man,” “The Wandering Earth,” and “Tigertail.”

You’ll have hundreds of options to choose from. If you need help with the translations Chinese and English subtitles are available.

Want an even bigger challenge?

Change the language settings to Mandarin! You’ll have no choice but to read Mandarin all over your Netflix account and you’ll be watching all your favourite TV shows with Chinese subtitles.

There is also a great extension called Language Learning with Netflix which makes practicing your Chinese with Netflix even easier!

We have created a comprehensive list of all the Chinese Movies on Netflix!

Pros of Chinese Netflix:

  • Huge amount of options available with regular updates
  • High quality picture and sound

Cons of Chinese Netflix:

  • Difficult to search by genre other than ‘Chinese’ film.
  • Availability of Chinese movies on Netflix may vary depending on your location
The ultimate tool for learning languages with movies!

#3 Baidu Chinese Movies

You’ll do no better than Baidu for a healthy collection of free Chinese dramas and movies online.


Baidu is a lot like the Google of China with functions such as search, maps, translate and you guessed it, video!

Strictly speaking, Baidu is a search engine, but it still functions as a great gateway to lots of Chinese movies.

Be warned, they do love to add a compulsory 60 second commercial at the beginning of each clip.

However, if you’ve come here to practice listening to Chinese, watching a 1-minute Chinese commercial isn’t the end of the world.

Pros of Baidu Chinese Movies:

  • Plenty of Chinese films and Chinese TV shows available!
  • Baidu will also provide links to shorter videos and livestreams

Cons of Baidu Chinese Movies:

  • Text on screen without a paid subscription.

#4 Youku Chinese TV Shows


Youku is popular a blend of YouTube and Netflix. You’ll find plenty of clips similar to YouTube but also full-length episodes of Chinese TV shows for lots of genres like drama and reality television.

Similar to YouTube, there is a premium service allowing you to view all content. However, you can always see free Chinese Movies online and free Chinese tv shows by clicking on the ‘free’ tab on the home page.

Pros of Youku Chinese TV Shows

  • Similar navigation to Youtube.
  • Youku has an app you can use on your phone for viewing on the go!

Cons of Youku Chinese TV Shows

  • Need VIP membership to watch movies.
  • Frequent commercials.

#5 BiliBili Chinese YouTube

Bilibili is a Chinese video sharing website that focuses on anime, comics, and games (ACG) culture and with more than 200 million users, it’s no small site!


Bilibili also features content related to technology, education, and lifestyle.

Similar to YouTube, you’ll find unlimited short clips in categories like funny, life, music, animation and much more!

You can certainly gain a lot of insight into Chinese life, culture and language on BiliBili.

Check out the live video section! Similar to YouTube, BiliBili allows users to watch a live stream of users on the platform.

Pros of BiliBili Chinese YouTube

  • Great selection of Chinese videos to choose from.

Cons of BiliBili Chinese YouTube

  • Difficult site navigation but you can find some internet gems.

#6 CCTV Chinese Movies


To watch TV and movies on CCTV, you can visit the CCTV website or download the CCTV app.

CCTV offers a variety of channels, including news, documentaries, entertainment, and sports. You can select the channel you are interested in and then choose the program you want to watch.

CCTV also has a video-on-demand service that allows you to watch previously aired programs at any time. You can search for specific programs or browse through the available categories.

Pros of CCTV Chinese TV Shows

  • Great way to watch Chinese news media.
  • Lets you keep up with modern day hot topics in China

Cons of CCTV Chinese TV Shows

  • English subtitles might not be available – we’d recommend CCTV for more advanced learnes!
Chinese Names 🤩 A Simple and Easy Guide to Understanding Names in China Thumbnail

Chinese Names 🤩 A Simple and Easy Guide to Understanding Names in China

Follow our guide to Chinese names to discover the most popular names in China (for boys and girls). Ever wanted your own Chinese name? We can help.

#7 Tudou Free Chinese TV Shows


If you’re willing to push through the 60-second commercials popping up every 10 minutes, Tudou is a great way to watch Chinese dramas online and other Chinese TV shows.

Typically, you’ll see all the latest and greatest on the home page.

You’ll be able to check out other categories like Chinese music videos and anime.

Pros of Tudou Chinese TV Shows

  • Good for watching short clips from Chinese Movies
  • Great Chinese TV show recommendations.

Cons of Tudou Chinese TV Shows

  • Can be difficult to navigate your way around the site, but hang in there!

#8 iQiyi Free Chinese Movies


iQiyi offers a wide range of media including Chinese TV and Chinese movies online!

It was launched in 2010 by Baidu and is now one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the country, with a vast library of both domestic and international content.

iQiyi offers both free and paid subscriptions, with the paid subscription providing access to more exclusive content and features, such as ad-free viewing and higher quality video.

The platform also includes original programming produced by iQiyi itself, as well as live broadcasting of major sports events and concerts.

They’ve recently launched some really high quality TV shows that have become huge hits, such as The Bad Kids.

Pros of Iqiyi Chinese TV Shows

  • Fast loading
  • Easy Navigation

Cons of Iqiyi Chinese TV Shows

  • Long commercials at the beginning of videos
  • Depending on your region, some content may be restricted

#9 MGTV Chinese Streaming


Mango TV (芒果TV) is a Chinese video streaming platform that offers a wide range of content, including TV dramas, variety shows, movies, and documentaries.

It is known for its popular reality TV shows and talent competitions, such as “The Voice of China“.

Mango TV also produces original content and has partnerships with major studios in China to provide exclusive content to its users.

The site has relatively  easy navigation menus compared to most Chinese streaming sites. There are plenty of free Chinese shows to watch. Just be sure to skip the videos labelled VIP to avoid having to pay.

You don’t have to look too far for a good Chinese TV show. Trending programs are always on the home page.

Pros of MGTV Chinese Streaming

  • Wide selection of TV shows.
  • Good recommendations on home page.

Cons of MGTV Chinese Streaming

  • Frequent commercials.
Fancy some Chinese listening practice?

#10 ACfun Chinese Videos


Our final site recommendation for free online Chinese TV shows is ACfun.

ACfun (short for Anime Comic fun) originally focused on anime, manga, and other forms of animation, but has since expanded to include a wider range of content, such as gaming, music, and live-action videos.

The site features user-generated content, including videos, images, and text posts. Users can create their own channels and upload their own content, as well as comment and interact with other users.

ACfun also hosts a variety of online events and contests, and has a community forum where users can discuss various topics – excellent language practice!

You’ll have to endure the 60-second commercials at the beginning of most videos, BUT hey, for free Chinese learning material, we’ll take it.

Pros of ACfun Chinese videos

  • There is a wide selection of TV shows.
  • Good recommendations on home page.

Cons of ACfun Chinese videos

  • You’ll need to pay for premium access to all Chinese TV shows.

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Chinese Movies Online – FAQ’s

Can I use YouTube in China?

You can but you need to use a VPN to access it.

Why do I need a VPN to access YouTube?

YouTube is banned in China, amongst a number of other popular social media websites. Therefore, the only way to access these is by using a VPN.

Here is a full list of banned websites in China.

Does China have it’s own YouTube?

China has it’s own version of YouTube which is called YouKu (优酷 yōu kù).

What is iQiyi?

iQiyi offers a wide range of media including Chinese TV and Chinese movies online!

Additionally, you’ll be able to watch Chinese drama, news and documentaries!

Do you have a list of Chinese movies available on Netflix?

We sure do! Find every single Chinese movie available on Netflix here.

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